Meet the Team: Mike Hildebrandt

By Mike Hildebrandt

Hi, I’m Mike, a senior at Monmouth University. I am a part time Communications student with a focus in Radio and Television. I amazed myself with what I was able to do with this class, having signed up for a course that I knew would be outside of my comfort zone. I have to say, I’m really glad I stuck it through. This course proved that I was able to contribute and play an important role in a major project that mirrors a real world scenario. But enough about this, here’s how I was able to contribute to our library project.

Other than being part of the preliminary discussions at the library with the librarians and the class, The largest role I took on was surveying students at the library face-to-face. I accomplished this by preparing a brief questionnaire which focused on key issues the librarians had, along with issues we found as a class, and questions to see what the average demographic was at the library. The total number of students surveyed was 92, all of which were done during different parts of the day. These findings were key to our final prototype and presentation.

Other areas I contributed involved assisting with putting together the powerpoint presentation and being one of the presenters. Overall this project was one awesome experience!


Meet the Team: Sam

Hi! My name is Sam Guido and I am a junior at Monmouth University. I am a Communication major with a focus in TV/Radio. After graduation next year, I hope to live in New York City for a little while and work in the music industry.

I am a member of the PR and Social Media Team. I have been working on our Facebook page, MUwayfinders. I have been keeping the Facebook page up to date with our teams progress. Eventually, my team members and I will begin posting in other Facebook pages to spread the word about our prototypes. The goal for our team is to spread awareness of our project and gain as much feedback as possible.

I am also a member of the Web Front End Team where I have been looking for the perfect template to use for our website. As a member of this team, I have had to do a lot of coding to get the website to work just right. The goal for our team is to create a website that appeals to everyone, as well as making sure all needs are met so that anyone can view our prototypes.

Meet the Team: Vanessa

My name is Vanessa and I am a senior at Monmouth University. I am graduating this spring with a bachelors degree in communication and audio/TV production and a minor in media production. I took responsive media to learn more about different types of media and this class really taught me about a whole new range of technologies that I never explored before. My experience has been great, I learn something new every time we meet and working on this project as a class has taught me how to work with many people in different ways to accomplish certain tasks. I have contributed to MU Wayfinders library project by creating some of our social media accounts, blogging, and creating our transmedia posting policies and strategies. I have been one of the photographers on our social media pages to show our followers our progress and how we are working together to create these prototypes.

Meet the Team: Allison Ross

My name is Allison Ross and I am a junior at Monmouth University. My major is Communication with a concentration in TV and Radio and a minor in Interactive Media. For this project, I was involved with the Content Organization team and with the Public Relations/Social Media team. I worked on some of the visual design aspects of our project. Even though my logo design was not chosen, it was still an experience to design a logo to use as a potential idea. The other concept that I created was the press release for the project. The press release describes the different exercises that we did in class to help us with the project itself. I also indicated the various presenters with whom we spoke with. Each of the presenters described what they do for a living and then we utilized the knowledge that they presented to us towards the final project. Towards the end of the press release, I discussed our social media presence for our project and how it is helping generate more buzz for the Monmouth University Library. I look forward to presenting our prototypes and suggestions to you!

Meet the Team: Danielle Schipani

My name is Danielle and I am a senior here at Monmouth. I major in communication and focus my studies in public relations and journalism. I am also the editor-in-chief of the school paper The Outlook. I have been a member of the Responsive Media 404 class since January and hope that I can be of value to such a talented team.

I am a member of the research and writing team. I have conduced research on the library and it’s current social media usage while also looking at the current set up of the library itself and noting its pros and cons. I look to do further research in order to help guide the rest of the team in the right direction.

I am also a member of the social media and public relations team. As a public relations and journalism student I look to help in any way I can in order to promote the great work my team members are conducting. I hope to bring attention to the library and the great work they are doing to help educate the campus community while also exposing our ideas for prototypes.

Meet the Team: Kelli

By Kelli Galayda

My name is Kelli, and I’m a senior here at Monmouth University. I major in Communication, with a concentration in Radio and Television. I have a passion for writing, photography, painting, and music – no, I don’t play any instruments, but I envy anyone who has the patience to do so.

I’m a member of the Research and Writing team, a team dedicated to all things, well, research and writing. We’ve been gathering up information on the issues of library users and finding out how other libraries from universities around the world handle similar issues. I’ve focused my research on library signage, discovering the various ways signs can be displayed in a library setting, and taking note of the do’s-and-don’ts of signage in general.

I’m also a member of the Social Media and PR team, another self-explanatory team title. My role thus far has mainly been centered around blogging, by building our site and working on posting regular content. As a whole, this team has crafted an online presence for our project, spreading our word across multiple media platforms.

Experience with Virtual Reality

By Danielle Schipani

Virtual reality is a technology that seems to be going mainstream. Our Professor gave us the chance to try out this new technology first hand. We were able to better understand the benefits of virtual reality while also exposing ourselves to new ways of thinking and new experiences.

IMG_4211At first many students were skeptical to try while others were excited to experience a new world. I know personally the technology was foreign to me, making me skeptical to try. After watching others enjoy life in a virtual world I gave it a try and was amazed. It was also intriguing to watch my peers experience a new world while also being immersed in the real world. One student even said that when she removed her virtual reality glasses she felt somewhat sadden by the fact that our world was not as fun or vibrate as the world she had just been in.

By participating in this exercise we were able think deeper into possible solutions to making the campus library more functional. From this sparked our potential idea to work on a virtual tour for the library in order to make people more familiar with the various benefits it includes while immersing students in a space they may be unfamiliar with. Being exposed to new forms of technology allows for new paths of thinking to emerge.