Meet the Team: H. Albert Holguin

My name is Huascar Albert Holguin, and I am a member of the Content Generation and Development/UX team. As a graduating senior at Monmouth, this has been one of the most educational and all-inclusive class experiences I’ve had during my college career. From the beginning of the semester, CO 404 has pushed my technological limits and caused me to grow increasingly literate in computing and coding.

As a music industry student, content generation has always been my passion. My background in music and recording technology put me in the perfect place to create audio assets for this project to compliment the videos. My limited experiences with Photoshop and Illustrator allowed me to assist the CG team with many of the visuals, including the 3D New Jersey Room model. I also dipped my toe into research doing audits of the library’s equipment, signs, and shelves.

On the Development/UX team, I primarily worked on the Estimote research and set up. Overall, I enjoyed the flow, objectives, and concepts during this class. All the technology that we’ve been exposed to during the course has opened my mind to new and innovative ways tech can be integrated into our lives. But more importantly, this class showed me that I can understand, create, modify, and apply new technologies; using them in different ways than I ever thought I could. Real-world mapping applications and video projection remapping, creating html pages, creating content assets, virtual reality and other classroom exercises have boosted my abilities and sparked a new-found curiosity for technology.


Meet the Team: Courtney


I’m Courtney Moore! I am a graduating senior here at Monmouth University, and will be receiving a Bachelors Degree in Communication TV & Radio production. This course was something that I took to fulfill a requirement, and was nervous after the first day of class. Though I am so happy that I decided to take it, and stick with it as this class has taught me so much about not only technology and how we interact with it but also how to be an innovator. My role with our project has been on the Research & Strategy team where I went out and gathered as much information about students, and their individual relationships with the library; but I also helped in creating the VR tour of the library which can be viewed at

I can’t wait to show the library our prototypes, and I hope they are as excited and proud of them as I am!


Meet the Team: Professor Cox

I am Professor Dickie Cox. My expertise is in digital and interactive media, design and prototyping, animation, user experience (UX), and game studies. In CO-404 Responsive Media this spring, I am acting as the Principal Designer and Lead Developer for our design team. My roles are to help students deep-dive into the real-world issues and concerns that our client raise and connect those issues to direct experiences of stakeholders and community members, to introduce emerging digital tools and platforms to students, and help the students communicate and establish workflows between the various sub-teams since the whole class is acting as single design firm.

I have been anxious this semester leading my first problem-based learning course with a real-world client. I worried that I would not be able to convey the necessary steps as they unfolded, that the process or technologies would overwhelm or intimidate the students, or that the students would balk at the approach since many of them study time-based production but were not necessarily familiar with design and creative coding. However, these students are amazing and they more than rose to the challenge in the last few  weeks. I have been blown away by their energy and cohesion. They are creating VR tours, interactive kiosks, geolocational beacon notification systems, digital signage, and just-in-time learning systems that are compelling and engaging prototypes. I am grateful and proud of their efforts and this experimental experience. I hope they get as much out of this as I did.

Meet the Team: Katie Paré

Hii I’m Katie Paré and I am currently a Junior at Monmouth University. My major is Communications with a concentration in Radio and TV. I took the CO 404 – Responsive Media class mainly because I liked the teacher and it sounded interesting. Throughout the year, we have experienced many new and different types of media like virtual reality. In the end, we applies our new knowledge to create a project for our real-life clients at the Monmouth University Library. 

Overall, we have been working towards making the library better for current students at Monmouth University, as well as new students. We investigated by surveying the community, wandering through the library ourselves, and browsing the current Monmouth Library website.

On this project, I am part of the User Experience Team and the Content Generation Team. For User Experience, I went through all the pages of the Library’s website, and created a list of terms I did not recognize and organized them into a document with their definitions attached. On the Content Generation side, I created three “How To” videos, including: how to book a study room online, how to renew a book online, and how to find an article. With the help of my teammates, Albert and Angela, reading the script I wrote for the audio, I matched it with a step-by-step video so anyone could easily find what they need.

I hope you all enjoy what we have been working on and find this helpful to you!

Meet the Team: Rahmonn McMillan

Hey there! I’m Rahmonn McMillan, and I work on the Content Generation Team. Being an Art student, generating the visual content was something that was right up my alley. The class taught me to think more about the client and their interests, rather than my own personal taste. This is a lesson that is essential in the world of animation, and I’m glad I was able to learn it while on this project.

I was mostly tasked with redesigning the signage for the library itself. Not only was it small and/or confusing, visually, the signage lacked cohesion and and didn’t have the visual “pop” to stand out from everything else in the library. I ended up making a sample sign that was not only more legible, but it was also cohesive with the web tools we were making. I also proposed that we have an explanation of the Library of Congress classification posted by a circulation desk, or even in the app itself.

Overall this a very fun project to be a part of, and I’m glad I’m here!

Meet the Team: Mike Hildebrandt

By Mike Hildebrandt

Hi, I’m Mike, a senior at Monmouth University. I am a part time Communications student with a focus in Radio and Television. I amazed myself with what I was able to do with this class, having signed up for a course that I knew would be outside of my comfort zone. I have to say, I’m really glad I stuck it through. This course proved that I was able to contribute and play an important role in a major project that mirrors a real world scenario. But enough about this, here’s how I was able to contribute to our library project.

Other than being part of the preliminary discussions at the library with the librarians and the class, The largest role I took on was surveying students at the library face-to-face. I accomplished this by preparing a brief questionnaire which focused on key issues the librarians had, along with issues we found as a class, and questions to see what the average demographic was at the library. The total number of students surveyed was 92, all of which were done during different parts of the day. These findings were key to our final prototype and presentation.

Other areas I contributed involved assisting with putting together the powerpoint presentation and being one of the presenters. Overall this project was one awesome experience!

Meet the Team: Sam

Hi! My name is Sam Guido and I am a junior at Monmouth University. I am a Communication major with a focus in TV/Radio. After graduation next year, I hope to live in New York City for a little while and work in the music industry.

I am a member of the PR and Social Media Team. I have been working on our Facebook page, MUwayfinders. I have been keeping the Facebook page up to date with our teams progress. Eventually, my team members and I will begin posting in other Facebook pages to spread the word about our prototypes. The goal for our team is to spread awareness of our project and gain as much feedback as possible.

I am also a member of the Web Front End Team where I have been looking for the perfect template to use for our website. As a member of this team, I have had to do a lot of coding to get the website to work just right. The goal for our team is to create a website that appeals to everyone, as well as making sure all needs are met so that anyone can view our prototypes.