Meet the Team: Nick Carlascio

What makes me stoked? The main thing that makes me excited about making media is the number of mindsets you are able to exercise when being creative.

One of the reasons I love the Adobe Creative Cloud so much is because each application allows you to create media in unique ways and requires a shift in thinking when jumping between programs. Learning an program gives you tools in the bigger picture of media creation and unlocks new pathways and lines of thinking you didn’t have access to before.

Illustrator and Photoshop is a good example. Both are relatively similar programs, but I have to shift the way I think creatively when using the two. I used to create illustrations in Photoshop when I needed to. I only learned Illustrator over the summer, but it has been a game changer. I wish I had learned it sooner, but I was complacent with Photoshop. I rarely use Photoshop anymore unless I need to manipulate images because I learned how powerful Illustrator was.

I also love the interconnectivity. Sometimes while editing in Premiere I want to put in a graphic that I need to make in After Effects. Then in After Effects, I want to create a vector object so I hop over to Illustrator. Back in After Effects, sometimes I need to add some image to a greenscreen background so I go into Photoshop and edit the image to get it exactly how I want it.

But this interconnection expands far past Adobe. Our entire world is connected.

In this class, I hope to learn about the physical world from our interactive design studies. I do a lot of sitting behind a computer making media that exists only on a screen. I would love to be able to translate the digital and convert into a physically interactable form of media I can have a tactile experience with, which is very foreign to me but is exciting more than anything.


Meet The Team- David Golub

Hey all,

My name is David Golub.  I’m from Allentown, New Jersey, and I am a senior animation student.  I have always been deeply interested with animation in all of it’s forms.  As I began a career in digital media I found that some of my best pieces were where elements were made to move around.  I found a strong niche within the 3D animation community, and have built much of my portfolio around that type of work.  I have also become very sufficient in after effects, which allows me to work on different types of motion graphics projects.  I feel that these skills will be most valuable as I create projects for this class.


Hi there! I am Joy. My name says it all, I have a fair amount of positive energy and  collaboration and creativity tend to really charge me up. I am a senior Communication: Public Relations & Journalism student with a concentration in global sustainability, and I am so happy to be in school to explore my passions and ability.
Making media is an intimidatingly powerful experience. As Dickie Cox once said ‘It’s like magic’, referring to the ability  to create art and alternative reality. I am moved and energized by the opportunity to take ideas of a better world and manifest them in mini-interactive experiences. Like any great work, evoking emotion is the goal, but creating change is even more powerful.
I very much hope that I can practice methods of interactive design that will educate me to cause that change; whether it is in someones perspective, heart, or life. At the end of the day, it is not my business what goes on within someones life, but if the  is open to it I would be glad to design an interactive experience with the purpose of change. My aspirations are impractical with my current skill set, and conveying a message that is well made and understandable is currently difficult, but I hope that soon I will have abilities I did not even know existed.

Meet the Team: Chloe Howerth

Hello! I’m Chloe and I am a senior Computer Science major with an Information Technology minor. I have also taken graphic design, photography, film and communications classes as electives because I am interested in broadening my skills in creative fields and I like the idea of marrying my love of art and technology. I enjoy different types of media whether it be film, television, music, or podcasts, though my favorite is film. I absolutely love everything about film and probably spend way too much money going to the cinema because I love the immersive and communal experience of watching movies on a big screen with other people.

When it comes to media with my major, I get inspired when I see really modern and clean looking design in apps and websites hence, I am interested in web development and user experience design. I love getting inspired by great design, breaking down elements of design that I like, sketching my own layout, designing the layout using design software and then implementing through code.

I immediately wanted to take this course after reading the course description because we will learn how to create interactive design for user interfaces. I am eager to learn how to build better user experiences to coincide with the coding that I do because I like to bring in my artistic creativity. This course seems a bit daunting with all of the new software to learn, but at the same time I am willing to challenge myself and develop new skills. After watching those videos of the cool projects people have worked on in interactive design, it makes me excited to see what I could potentially create. I’m stoked to learn more about responsive media through building engaging experiences.

Meet the Team: Karissa Ferrugio

Hey everyone! My name is Karissa Ferrugio and I am a Junior Communications major with a Concentration in TV/Radio.

When I first came into Monmouth three years ago, I chose my major based on my interest in photography and video, which I have always enjoyed dabbling in for fun. My favorite part about creating and what excites me the most about media is getting to formulate an idea in my mind, and seeing the idea all the way through until my vision comes to life. Another aspect I really enjoy is getting to share the finished products with other people, and getting to see their reactions, and hearing their feedback.

In this Responsive Media class, I am expecting to use these aspects to motivate me throughout the creative process of the upcoming projects. Though I am a little apprehensive about working with unfamiliar programs, I’m eager to learn new skills and collaborate with fellow classmates.

I’m excited to learn more about interactive design, as I think it pretty much sums up what we do as humans every single day. We are constantly interacting with technology and exposing ourselves to media, on many different levels. I love the idea of combining art with technology, and creating something that takes people out of their normal world, and really makes them think in a way they haven’t before.

Overall, I’m excited to broaden my knowledge and experience in technology, media, design, and most importantly the combination of it all together.

Meet the Team: Michelle Marotta

Hey everyone!

My name is Michelle Marotta and I’m a junior here at Monmouth. My major is Communications with a concentration in Radio/TV, and my minor is Interactive Media. I chose this major because I have always been extremely interested in different types of media and the processes behind them. When I was younger, I was really into music and always loved watching behind the scenes videos to see the studio, the boards, and the recording process. I think that’s why I stray towards the more technical side of media rather than the creative side.

When I came to Monmouth, I became excited with the idea of actually creating things and being able to watch or listen to them and be proud of what I’ve done. I read the description for the Interactive Media minor and thought that it was perfect for me and a way for me to learn new things and expand my abilities. Through this class, I hope to learn more of what I am capable of and to learn new platforms to create media. I really enjoyed learning a bunch of new platforms in Intro to Digital Media, and hope to maybe expand on those platforms and be introduced to some new ones as well.

Overall, I am excited to see the extent of what I can do and learn new things about myself through the projects we create in class, and I’m excited to share it with all of you.

Meet the Team: Jeylin Castaneda

Growing up in a generation where I got to experience the evolution of technology and the dependency our human population grew towards the intelligence of these devices has played a significant role in my interest in media and what I hope to learn moving forward in this interactive media class. To begin, going into college with a standard goal of becoming a journalist gave me the complete opposite impression that this would eventually open the doors to my future in technology. My sophomore year I switched from a journalism/PR major to TV/Radio because I idolized the structure of hands-on work and how completed projects made me feel so satisfied. After spending a year practicing and studying this field, I realized that I found myself doing a lot of the editing, framing, and designing of the projects I’d involve myself with. This later became motivation for me to pick up a graphic design minor and pursue the last couple of years as an undergraduate student I had left exploring art and realizing that this was what I’d want to do for the rest of my life. Interactive media on the other hand is a step forward that will allow my experience in graphic design to excel and only blossom from here. It’s exciting to see that after the long journey of finding my true aspirations that media has always consumed my life yet I was too oblivious to figure out that this occupation would be one set for my future. Considering as a graphic designer I focus more on the imagery and appeal of art-rather, with interactive media, I’d enjoy to explore art in depth. Particularly, with creating art itself into realistic pieces that people can enjoy. All in all, truly, the sky’s the limit with this course.

Here’s a link to my online graphic design portfolio… stay tuned for this semester’s work! 🙂

-stay rad.