Guest Lecturer: Hasan Elahi, Interdisciplinary Media Artist and Educator


Hasan Elahi visited our campus for the past two days as part of the Monmouth University’s ART NOW campus programming and he was a guest lecturer in our Responsive Media class last night. He talked about how technological innovation often comes from artists decades before they are adopted by widespread audiences. Elahi’s own work focused on an artistic use of self-surveillance, technological tracking, and mapping. Learn how about his story and work here:Ā 

He taught us how to use Google Maps to self-publish crowd-sourced maps and we performed an exercise where we critically examined our campus in a timed observation and then mapped the results.


Guest Lecturer: Niveda Harishankar, Amazon Marketplace UX Designer


Niveda Harishankar, User Experience (UX) Design, for Amazon Marketplace was our special guest lecturer on Wednesday, February 8, 2017. She skyped into our class to talk to us about the role of UX in the design process at Amazon and more broadly in the process of human-centered design. She shared her thoughts with us about design heuristics, prototyping in low to high fidelity, affordance, interface feedback, and mapping the physical world into interface spaces.

She talked about her experiences moving from college life into her first professional job, her experiences at the Amazon Go store in Seattle, and the “Magic of objects and spaces” in Internet-of-Things (IoT) designs for proximity interactions. What a fun and informative evening!