Meet the Team: Anne Skimmons

Hello everyone! My name is Anne and I am a senior at Monmouth with a major in Graphic Design. This is also my first blog post!!

This is my only class this semester that is not directly in my major, so coming into the first night I was incredibly nervous but overall curious about Responsive Media. Not until around 8:30 PM did I finally have a “aha” moment working with my little group on our project, realizing the potential this class had for stretching my creative bounds.

I am excited to work with our class to really see how far my mind can go in terms of creativity and learning new processes. Being an art major, I am familiar with some of the work Professor Cox presented, but I never thought that I would be able to accomplish such wild ideas, (especially the surreal MeowWolf world). I always stuck to my Photoshop and Illustrator, and honestly I think I have kept my mind in a box bound by what was expected of me in my classes. In just one night of this class I have already begun to notice a shift in my creative thinking. Just walking to my car after class I saw the architecture on campus begin to crawl with life; oozing windows, crawling monsters, and melting trees. Are these ideas I can project using Madmapper?

Now moving beyond my comfort zone I am ready to take the leap into a new form of art and media that I never thought I would have the opportunity to explore. Granted, I am still nervous that I will not be able to take these ideas and physically create them, but I am confident that this class will broaden my creative mind and allow me see the world differently, and help me gain new colleagues and friends that can join me along the way.


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