Meet the Team: H. Albert Holguin

My name is Huascar Albert Holguin, and I am a member of the Content Generation and Development/UX team. As a graduating senior at Monmouth, this has been one of the most educational and all-inclusive class experiences I’ve had during my college career. From the beginning of the semester, CO 404 has pushed my technological limits and caused me to grow increasingly literate in computing and coding.

As a music industry student, content generation has always been my passion. My background in music and recording technology put me in the perfect place to create audio assets for this project to compliment the videos. My limited experiences with Photoshop and Illustrator allowed me to assist the CG team with many of the visuals, including the 3D New Jersey Room model. I also dipped my toe into research doing audits of the library’s equipment, signs, and shelves.

On the Development/UX team, I primarily worked on the Estimote research and set up. Overall, I enjoyed the flow, objectives, and concepts during this class. All the technology that we’ve been exposed to during the course has opened my mind to new and innovative ways tech can be integrated into our lives. But more importantly, this class showed me that I can understand, create, modify, and apply new technologies; using them in different ways than I ever thought I could. Real-world mapping applications and video projection remapping, creating html pages, creating content assets, virtual reality and other classroom exercises have boosted my abilities and sparked a new-found curiosity for technology.


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