Meet the Team: Katie Paré

Hii I’m Katie Paré and I am currently a Junior at Monmouth University. My major is Communications with a concentration in Radio and TV. I took the CO 404 – Responsive Media class mainly because I liked the teacher and it sounded interesting. Throughout the year, we have experienced many new and different types of media like virtual reality. In the end, we applies our new knowledge to create a project for our real-life clients at the Monmouth University Library. 

Overall, we have been working towards making the library better for current students at Monmouth University, as well as new students. We investigated by surveying the community, wandering through the library ourselves, and browsing the current Monmouth Library website.

On this project, I am part of the User Experience Team and the Content Generation Team. For User Experience, I went through all the pages of the Library’s website, and created a list of terms I did not recognize and organized them into a document with their definitions attached. On the Content Generation side, I created three “How To” videos, including: how to book a study room online, how to renew a book online, and how to find an article. With the help of my teammates, Albert and Angela, reading the script I wrote for the audio, I matched it with a step-by-step video so anyone could easily find what they need.

I hope you all enjoy what we have been working on and find this helpful to you!


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