Meet the Team: Mike Hildebrandt

By Mike Hildebrandt

Hi, I’m Mike, a senior at Monmouth University. I am a part time Communications student with a focus in Radio and Television. I amazed myself with what I was able to do with this class, having signed up for a course that I knew would be outside of my comfort zone. I have to say, I’m really glad I stuck it through. This course proved that I was able to contribute and play an important role in a major project that mirrors a real world scenario. But enough about this, here’s how I was able to contribute to our library project.

Other than being part of the preliminary discussions at the library with the librarians and the class, The largest role I took on was surveying students at the library face-to-face. I accomplished this by preparing a brief questionnaire which focused on key issues the librarians had, along with issues we found as a class, and questions to see what the average demographic was at the library. The total number of students surveyed was 92, all of which were done during different parts of the day. These findings were key to our final prototype and presentation.

Other areas I contributed involved assisting with putting together the powerpoint presentation and being one of the presenters. Overall this project was one awesome experience!


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