Meet the Team: Sam

Hi! My name is Sam Guido and I am a junior at Monmouth University. I am a Communication major with a focus in TV/Radio. After graduation next year, I hope to live in New York City for a little while and work in the music industry.

I am a member of the PR and Social Media Team. I have been working on our Facebook page, MUwayfinders. I have been keeping the Facebook page up to date with our teams progress. Eventually, my team members and I will begin posting in other Facebook pages to spread the word about our prototypes. The goal for our team is to spread awareness of our project and gain as much feedback as possible.

I am also a member of the Web Front End Team where I have been looking for the perfect template to use for our website. As a member of this team, I have had to do a lot of coding to get the website to work just right. The goal for our team is to create a website that appeals to everyone, as well as making sure all needs are met so that anyone can view our prototypes.


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