Experience with Virtual Reality

By Danielle Schipani

Virtual reality is a technology that seems to be going mainstream. Our Professor gave us the chance to try out this new technology first hand. We were able to better understand the benefits of virtual reality while also exposing ourselves to new ways of thinking and new experiences.

IMG_4211At first many students were skeptical to try while others were excited to experience a new world. I know personally the technology was foreign to me, making me skeptical to try. After watching others enjoy life in a virtual world I gave it a try and was amazed. It was also intriguing to watch my peers experience a new world while also being immersed in the real world. One student even said that when she removed her virtual reality glasses she felt somewhat sadden by the fact that our world was not as fun or vibrate as the world she had just been in.

By participating in this exercise we were able think deeper into possible solutions to making the campus library more functional. From this sparked our potential idea to work on a virtual tour for the library in order to make people more familiar with the various benefits it includes while immersing students in a space they may be unfamiliar with. Being exposed to new forms of technology allows for new paths of thinking to emerge.