Day One: VideoMapping

By Kelli Galayda

On our very first day in CO 404, also known as Responsive Media, professor Cox wasted no time in dunking us into the ocean of the latest technology, the ridiculously vast media landscape of today, and the concept of design intervention. We did not have a moment to dip our toes in the water – no, day one was a dive into the waves, the shock of the cold exhilarating our brains and inspiring new ideas for our future in the class.

Our first experiment was in video mapping, using the software MadMapper. The majority of us had never touched MadMapper before in our lives, let alone had we ever heard the term “video mapping”. While the confusion and pure terror seeped through the expressions on our faces, professor Cox remained unfazed. He had the upmost confidence in our abilities, and his seemingly unaware attitude toward our lack of technological knowledge instilled in us enough faulty confidence to move forward on our assignments with an uncertain yet determined sense of direction.

We struggled forward, scouring the internet for gifs we could map onto real-life surfaces using the projector professor Cox brought for our educational benefit. Meticulously, we clicked and pulled each point across the MadMapper grid, adjusting and readjusting to make sure each pixel lined up perfectly. We put on our professional hats and pretended to be mapping pros, our personas built up by our professors unabridged encouragement and belief in our capabilities. Before we knew it, each of us had produced a live projection onto random surfaces throughout the Plangere Center, where our class is housed.

Day one, our eyes were opened to a new world of technology and design – a universe of potential was unfolded in our laps, over the course of three short hours. We understood immediately that this class would be a challenge, but professor Cox assured us it wouldn’t be one we weren’t capable of tackling. We learned through trial and error that we were embarking on a journey of endless trial and error, one that would teach us what the world of design is actually like. Day one, we learned a new software. Day one, we were exposed to unknown territory, and we trekked through it with eager footsteps and hungry wanderlust. Day one, we rearranged our mindsets and found ourselves fully prepared for a semester of exploration, innovation, and of course, design intervention.



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