Learning Creative Coding Anne Skimmons

Alright, I was told to code.

So I was sitting there, staring at a blank sketch on processing, a few notes on a piece of paper, println, some abbreviations, and a goal to *make something move*.

Insert internal screams here.

What seemed like endless tutorials, websites, forums, failed attempts, I had lines of useless code, and a snowman on a screen that stared at me.

I have to say that office hours helped so much, I learned that I could use my knowledge of Photoshop and Illustrator could be imported into processing, so my design skills could be used as an image that I could manipulate using code!!

I was so excited, but still this snowman stared back at me, except he moved across the screen without any manipulation.

Sign. So I called my younger brother. He tutors Java at Columbia University, so to me he is a genius. Within 15 minutes of him explaining some small changed to my code, I was crying tears of joy because now  when I pressed the space bar my snowman JUMPED!!!! I learned to make a snowman jump!!! Then, that night, I made a night sky turn to day behind a small bar near my home just with a few lines of code and the space bar.

Small things, but to me a week’s worth of hard work and it is something that I am so so proud of. I show everyone now my little jumping snowman. I was surprised that I had it in me to do it, and now it seems much easier to code and make things do what I want. While it is only the tip of the iceberg, I feel so powerful in my new knowledge.

For one thing, I feel closer to my brother. Who knows, maybe he and I could make a game or an app, using his higher level of coding and my basic coding and design skill!! I can use this coding for my web design class in P5 to take my web design to the next level if I choose to go into that field. I feel that I am not limited to my photoshop and illustrator, etc, and I have new mediums that I can learn more about to have a leg up in my job opportunities.

I am so excited and I plan on learning more coding and using it in my future!!


Learning Creative Coding: Michelle Marotta

Contrary to what seems to be the consensus of the class, I actually enjoy creating coding. When I first worked with Dreamweaver in Intro to Digital Media, I found it to be enjoyable and relatively easy to get the hang of. Even though it is harder to manage now, I still maintain those feelings for the most part. Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s been a walk in the park, and that I’m having no problems, but I definitely do not hate working through the process.

Through these classes, I’ve learned the basics of using a template and changing it to suit my own needs and sort of make it my own. The only thing I’ve used is Bootstrap, but I am actually a little confident in my ability to use the software and transform the templates. I am surprised by how quickly I seem to be picking creative coding up. However, I am not surprised by my enjoyment of creative coding. Personally, I really enjoy the technology behind things rather than the creative aspect. Even though creative coding obviously has creativity to it, to me, it is more technological based. Working with technology is where I thrive and where I actually enjoy being. Because of that, I think that is why I enjoy creative coding so much. If get to the point where I have to come up with codes on my own and need to be able to read code and understand what everything means, I imagine that I would have a lot more problems.

Overall, I am excited about creative coding and I am excited to learn everything that I can. I can somewhat see myself doing something like this as a career, but I think that’s getting ahead of myself.

Meet the Team: Nick Carlascio

What makes me stoked? The main thing that makes me excited about making media is the number of mindsets you are able to exercise when being creative.

One of the reasons I love the Adobe Creative Cloud so much is because each application allows you to create media in unique ways and requires a shift in thinking when jumping between programs. Learning an program gives you tools in the bigger picture of media creation and unlocks new pathways and lines of thinking you didn’t have access to before.

Illustrator and Photoshop is a good example. Both are relatively similar programs, but I have to shift the way I think creatively when using the two. I used to create illustrations in Photoshop when I needed to. I only learned Illustrator over the summer, but it has been a game changer. I wish I had learned it sooner, but I was complacent with Photoshop. I rarely use Photoshop anymore unless I need to manipulate images because I learned how powerful Illustrator was.

I also love the interconnectivity. Sometimes while editing in Premiere I want to put in a graphic that I need to make in After Effects. Then in After Effects, I want to create a vector object so I hop over to Illustrator. Back in After Effects, sometimes I need to add some image to a greenscreen background so I go into Photoshop and edit the image to get it exactly how I want it.

But this interconnection expands far past Adobe. Our entire world is connected.

In this class, I hope to learn about the physical world from our interactive design studies. I do a lot of sitting behind a computer making media that exists only on a screen. I would love to be able to translate the digital and convert into a physically interactable form of media I can have a tactile experience with, which is very foreign to me but is exciting more than anything.